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The professional life

July 2, 2020

“I feel that a lot of younger people really don’t want to be faculty and don’t want to be scientists because they feel very fed-up with the system. And I am really worried about that.”

A day in the life of a university scientist

June 29, 2020

“There’s a culture here of women, working moms, who are wanting to, outdoing each other, like, ‘Well I put the baby down at 8 but I still had to stay up until 2 in the morning to finish this grant.'”

Reflecting after a Commencement handshake

June 25, 2020

“We currently are the world leader in Arctic research. No other university, and really no other federal government around the world, does more research on the Arctic than University of Alaska Fairbanks.”

Bringing global experiences back home

June 22, 2020

“We were in Georgia, the Republic of Georgia, when they were being bombed. And all we had to eat for like six weeks straight was kasha, buckwheat.”