Science Voices

A day in the life with science students and professionals

A different world

A different world Friends and collaborators Megan Godfrey and Sorina Seeley discuss their work in a village in Alaska and the importance of trust.

Another day at work

Another day at work Lily Cohen talks with colleague Bob Bolton about her experiences in the workplace.

Fireside chat

Colleagues and friends Kent Slaughter and Scott Rupp discuss the changing wildfire regime in Alaska and the role of changing firefighting technology.

Grad school files

Grad school files Friends and students Rachel and Jill talk about their motivations in pursuing a science career and their experiences in graduate school.

Growing a collaboration

Collaborators and friends Bob Bolton and Jessie Young-Robertson talk about Jessie’s experiences in science and the development of their collaboration.

It’s all about the outreach

Mentor Erin Pettit and mentee Joanna Young discuss their relationship and the importance of science outreach.

Remembering Randy, restoring the bison

Luke and Teal Rogers share their memories of their father, Randy Rogers, his love for the wilderness and the wildlife of Alaska.

The professional life

Collaborators and friends Peter Bieniek and Uma Bhatt talk about their experiences in science.